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Arctic Voices

with Marianne LoGerfo

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It's 50 below zero, the wind is howling, and food stores are dangerously low. Inspired by mind and skill sets thousands of years old, the Arctic people of North America and Greenland, Siberia and Scandinavia strive on, facing the perils of their beloved land and the assaults of capitalism and communism, adapting to a new culture, technology, and now climate change, the ultimate challenge. We'll hear their voices in vivid memoirs, stories, art, and song, and encounter two “Saviors of the Arctic” in an unforgettable guest presentation. Course books are available for $18.00 in the Lifetime Learning Center parking lot from 11–12:30 on Friday, September 23, or for $20.00 if mailed on request. *Please Note: The Films on Ice class, Thursdays 10–12 at the Lifetime Learning Center, is offered at no cost to Arctic Voices students. ZOOM Tuesdays: 11:00am - 12:30pm Class Limit: 50

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  • 40 US dollars
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