Argentina, Its Customs and the World

with Roberto Altschul

Class Description

During the fall session, among other topics, we discussed where Argentines came from, Peron and Eva, food, sports, weather and traveling in Argentina. During the winter we may add a few other topics, such as literature, music, arts in general, the role of the military in government, religion, military coup d’états. But, you do not need to have taken the fall class to join our winter class. Since our class will be in person, and if revisiting the topic of food, we could try some samples of Argentine typical dishes. If addressing music, we could listen to some examples and compare them with what could be their American or European equivalents. Maybe watch videos of people dancing tangos. What differences do you notice? Is tango done in Hollywood movies, or in ballroom dance competitions? What is a tango, and what is a milonga? Something similar could be done with some short sections of movies. Are you up to reading a short story and having a discussion: what it was it about, did it remind or made you think of an American or English story? Have you ever heard the phrase magic realism? We may expand the chat about the relationship between Argentina and the US to that of the US with all of Latin America. In Person: Room B2 Wednesday: 11:30am - 1:00pm Class Limit: 20

  • Starts Jan 12, 2022
  • 40 US dollars
  • In Person: Room B2

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