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History/Politics of the Vietnam War, S1

with Bill Taylor

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The Vietnam War profoundly changed the relationship between the US government and its people. What was it about that war—along with the concurrent Civil Rights and Youth Movements—that created deep divisions in society, the reverberations of which continue to this day? In this course, we’ll find answers to that and other questions by reading and discussing America’s Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975, by George C. Herring, Fourth edition (2002). [This book is only available from used bookstores, so I’d urge you to order it right away. You can find a clearing house for used bookstores at: Use this ISBN number: 9780072417555] As an alternative to reading the book, you can watch the related episodes of the PBS documentary, “Vietnam: A Television History.” I’ll provide a list of the appropriate episodes for each week, including a link to view them for free on YouTube. I’ve developed a companion volume in which I add to what the author and videos say, as well as ask questions that can be discussed in class. They will be available for purchase for about $6 in the Lifetime Learning Center parking lot from 11:00am–12:30 pm, Friday, September 23rd. In Person Mondays: 9:15 - 10:30 Class Limit: 20

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