Pop Culture & Art of America's Cold War

with Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser

Class Description

From Andy Warhol's repeated mushroom cloud painting to movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Dr. Strangelove, the art and pop culture during the Cold War revealed what America was afraid of and obsessed with. They showed how we viewed the Soviet communist system and what crucial elements of our culture we needed to protect in order to feel safe and that we were still better than those damn Russkies. This class is a celebration of America's Cold War art and pop culture–and a historical discussion of what these movies, pop songs, books, and paintings teach us about the American Cold War experience. I was a teenager when Sting sang "Do the Russians love their children, too?" and Rocky went to Moscow to fight on Christmas Day, and I've enjoyed sharing these cultural low and high points in my school classes for years. You'll enjoy this class if you agree that the Olympics were just more fun in the days of the Evil Empire. In Person: Youth Room Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:30 - 12:30, July 11, July 13, July 18, July 20 Class Limit: 50

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