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The US as Seen by an "Immixile", Part 2

with Roberto Altschul

Class Description

I wrote an article for Life Lines about how we lived while coups d’état threatened democracy in Argentina. In a “Let’s Talk” presentation, I shared some of my thoughts on the US and Argentina. In that talk, I only covered a few examples; many were, as we say in Spanish, left in the inkwell. In this class, I will cover some of these topics: What is the name of this country? Why does Hollywood redo foreign movies? Is the US an empire? Are Americans today like the 1800s Germans? Will Argentina ever get back to what it was in the early 1900s? Plays by William Shakespeare are done again and again, but hardly ever one by Lope de Vega. Why? How can the US have meaningful elections when each state has its own rules? Trump is being brought to trial. Why wasn’t Nixon? Is the US system guilty of delaying a solution to the climate crisis? I’ll be honest. I am curious and concerned, and as such I have investigated some of these issues. About some others, I only have questions. Mondays, 11:00 - 12:30 In Person: Room B2 Class Limit: 20

  • Started Sep 25
  • 40 US dollars
  • In Person

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Class fees will be refunded 100% if an instructor cancels class or a student drops before the second meeting of the class.

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3841 NE 123rd St, Seattle, WA, USA

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